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Kurt Nilsen Audition.mp3

Kurt Nilsen audition

Kurt Nilsen auditionsubtitled.mp3

Kurt Nilsen

Kurt Nilsenhis songs in Norwegian Idol 2003.mp3

Kurt Nilsen

Kurt NilsenStuck In A Moment (U2).mp3

Kurt Nilsen: World Idol Comments.mp3

Kurt Nilsen Candle In The Wind.mp3

Kurt Nilsen

Kurt NilsenAmazing.mp3

kurt nilsen Beautiful Day world idol ( Bad Quality ).mp3

U2 Beautiful Day Kurt Nilsen Auditie Norway IdolsHD "Best Auditions" http://wwwbestauditionsnl/.mp3

Kurt Nilsen: Perfect Day.mp3

Every Once In A While: Kurt Nilsen.mp3


U2 With or Without you.mp3



Kurt Nilsen

Kurt NilsenLivin' La Vida Loca in Norwegian Idol.mp3

Kurt Nilsen Hunting high and low.mp3

Kurt Nilsen

Kurt NilsenNever Easy.mp3

Kurt Nilsen's cover of Bruno Mars's "Grenade".mp3

Kiss From A Rose

Kiss From A RoseKurt Nilsen Espen Lind Alejandro Fuentes Askil Holm (Beautiful Seal Cover).mp3

Kurt Nilsen

Kurt NilsenWhen The Stars Go Blue.mp3

Siri Vølstad Jensen Whiskey Lullaby IDOL 2013 Norge.mp3

Shrek song

Shrek song Hallelujah.mp3

Kurt Nilsen

Kurt NilsenShe's So High (Music video).mp3

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes Astrid Smeplass and Kurt Nilsen.mp3

Hallelujah Live Vol 2

Hallelujah Live Vol 2The Gambler.mp3

Kurt Nilsen

Kurt NilsenEverything.mp3

Kurt Nilsen

Kurt NilsenBeautiful Day Norwegian Idol May 2003.mp3

Willie Nelson and Kurt Nilsenmpg.mp3

Kurt Nilsen: NI finale: The Day After Tomorrow.mp3

Kurt Nilsen

Kurt NilsenI (Live).mp3

Kurt Nilsen and Melanie C.mp3

World Idol Kurt Nilsen Beautiful Day.mp3

Kurt Nilsen vs Gaute Ormaasen

Kurt Nilsen vs Gaute OrmaasenNorwegian Idol.mp3

Kurt Nilsen Alvøen Bergen 19th June 2010: Hate How You Say Goodbye.mp3

Lind Nilsen Fuentes Holm

Lind Nilsen Fuentes HolmWanted Dead Or Alive (Live Oslo Spektrum) HD.mp3

Kurt Nilsen and Morten Harket.mp3

Kurt Nilsen Rise To The Occasion Swedish TV.mp3

Alejandro Fuentes

Alejandro FuentesAMAZING Idol audition.mp3

Lind Nilsen Fuentes og Holm

Lind Nilsen Fuentes og HolmHallelujah [Allsang på Grensen 2009].mp3

Kurt Nilsen

Kurt NilsenHere She Comes.mp3

Kurt Nilsen

Kurt NilsenFor you.mp3

Kurt Nilsen Lost Highway.mp3

Kurt Nilsen

Kurt NilsenI.mp3

Kurt Nilsen Espen Lind Askil Holm and Alejandro Fuentes

Kurt Nilsen Espen Lind Askil Holm and Alejandro FuentesHallelujah [HQ].mp3

Kurt Nilsen u2 Beste Audities.mp3

kurt nilsen lost in despair.mp3



Kurt Nilsen

Kurt Nilsen"Tearing Me Up Inside".mp3

Lind Nilsen Fuentes Holm

Lind Nilsen Fuentes HolmHallelujah (Live Oslo Spektrum) HD.mp3

Kurt Nilsen and Ryan Malcom Interview.mp3

Lind Nilsen Fuentes Holm

Lind Nilsen Fuentes HolmThe River (Live Oslo Spektrum) HD.mp3