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Shatty Dolla BWOY (officiel video).mp3

Great philosophy of life by Great Jay Shatty.mp3

17)Shatty Fatmas

17)Shatty FatmasAFI.mp3

Shatty Ordaz

Shatty OrdazMi Medz Mi Neva Lose [Official Music Video].mp3

Shatty Fatmas.mp3

Shatty Rats.mp3

Lil Shatty

Lil ShattyGETIT.mp3


GageShatty (Black Ryno Diss) March 2014.mp3

Pre-Wedding Shatty Shaffy(Shafty)

Pre-Wedding Shatty Shaffy(Shafty).mp3

Shatty Ordaz

Shatty OrdazMedz Mi Neva Lose.mp3

Shatty Ordaz

Shatty OrdazDreams Come Through [Chronicles Of Success Riddim] June 2016.mp3

Lil Shatty

Lil ShattyWhippyDrippy.mp3

Shatty Ordaz

Shatty OrdazDone With Hungry Life.mp3

Shatty dolla BWOY.mp3

Shatty Ordaz

Shatty OrdazHungry Days | Official Audio | May 2016.mp3

Welcome To Shatty (Freestyle).mp3



CHANDAN SHATTY SHOCKING in ankola utsav.mp3

2 Shatty Ordaz

2 Shatty Ordaz Kings and Queens (Ancestral Voices EP) March 2017.mp3

Shatty Blacks and Starforce Presents: Red and Black: Lovers Choice Edition (6th Annual) 2/9/19.mp3

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